Re-DUUUUB!! Scottish Accents!

Trying to match up the dialogue that you had recorded months earlier where you had a Scottish accent is possibly the toughest thing I've done!

I found out a long time ago that redoing lines after a cut had been done was difficult and I've had multiple voice-over gigs before, but this was hard. It was the accent. When I'm in the moment on set and in character it's easy to slip into the accent and speak how your character speaks. When you'r in a booth just trying to get some dialogue and voice-over down it's strange. We got through it and I must say, we definitely had too much fun doing it. I love working with Jack and Casey and this short film is SO funny. Not only because everyone was on their A-game but it was put together in that "Guy Ritchie at his prime, you know, Lock Stock and Snatch days" style.

Can't wait to use some of it for the reel. I really only want the insults in there, haha!

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