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OH MY GAHH it's so boring. The daily grind is the worst. Getting up every day and going to work is hard. It gets numbing and after a while it wears you down. It hurts you physically, emotionally, spiritually. You have to be able to do it though, if you wanna be in this biz. I wanna go to a cabin somewhere off the grid sometimes and just decompress from society. Being alone is a powerful tool and I rarely get to just stop and smell the flowers. I can't do that today since I have a show later, but I am going to take an hour out of this day and do nothing. Meditate maybe. Maybe just take a nap. I think that relaxation is good for the soul, and while I can't relax because of the industry I'm in, I think I can take 30 to an hour and turn off the outside world to get my head in order.

Then I'll get back to it. Maybe. Who knows. Probably...Yeaaaah I will.

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