Helmut's Big Day!

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Here I am again. With several pages of rambling monologue. It's hard work. It's stressful. It's draining. But I secretly hope that's what I get known for!

Doing a play right before my wedding sure does pile on the stress though. It opens on September 7th at Nox Arca Theater. And we're going down to the wire. It's dumb, it's silly, and it's hilarious. I mean, I just talk to a helmet for 8 pages before getting rudely interrupted by another person. Boredom can make you go crazy for sure.

I think I got most all of it down and it's gonna be a funny little one act smashed between two others. We got this!

Although I'm not looking forward to tech this weekend. With two fight scenes and a lot of sweating, I'm going to need to wash my clothes before we open.

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