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Midnight on a Wednesday. What am I still doing awake? Can't sleep. Been a long day, filming, editing, more filming, looking at articles on facebook and trying not to chime in with my own opinions. I feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions, but really, I don't have that much going on. I have a theater short I'm in that's super dumb and funny, and where I talk to no one but myself on stage for a good 15 - 20 minutes. That's it. Oh, and I'm starting to film shorts with a sketch group again. Those are actually turning out pretty good. I like having time to myself but it's time to get back into the mindset of "I gotta do this for a living, let's get in some shit". I did blow an audition on Monday. That was a feeling I hadn't had in a while. Welcome back feeling of "oh, I fucked that up", You're the Ned Ryerson of feelings.

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