Thom Pain (or how I learned to love the theater again)

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I'm fucking sad.

This fucking show.

It's fucking ending.

Maybe I have the rose-tinted glasses on, but this show has made me fall in love with acting again.

I spent 5 months on this show, and it's all over in 4 weeks? Short-lived. It needed to be longer of a run. More people needed to see it. I know it's a one-man show and sure, I wanted it to go on forever because it's just me on stage for an hour telling a story.

But it's also more than that. Before this show I was in a rut. I was doing show after show and not feeling that it made a difference to anything. And then came along this show, and I could feel that something magical was happening.

We rehearsed and it was simple, yet effective. I was up there, and all I wanted to do was connect to the audience. But because of the way the script is set-up, you can't. It's damn near impossible to connect to them, but at the same time, all they want to do is figure out you and try to connect to you as well. Fucking makes your head hurt, doesn't it?

And every night, after I bowed and walked back to the green room, I left a little piece of me on that stage.

And now all I want to do, all I strive for, is to get back to that point. Complete open-ness and honesty with yourself and audience.

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