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It's about that time of year again. The sun comes out, makes me want to get healthy, I start to ride my bike and walk around more, and then that Chicago weather comes back around for one final kick to the face. So I have to find some other way of getting flab into a more notice-able shape.

This is where my friend Leo comes into play. He told me and my fiancee about Bouldering. I have climbed before, and I liked doing it when I lived in a much ;more temperate climate, but I had never bouldered before. So far, i think it's amazing. I feel like I'm getting my body back into the shape of a human, and even better, it's coincided with my healthier life-style. Makes my hands look as though I work with nothing but razor-blades and hot pans with no handles, but I think the pay-off of looking and feeling better is what counts.

Also, it's inside, so the bitter, shitty weather doesn't make a difference. I can do it rain, snow, or shine. Although, when it does shine in Chicago, All I would rather do is walk around and eat ice-cream. So I guess that's my new plan for the summer. Eat ice-cream, then go climb, eat ice-cream, then go climb, eat ice-cream, then go climb, eat ice-cream, then go climb, etc....

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